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Amazing customer experiences


Introduce your product using nano-influencers. With the help of a mobile experience they try, share and talk about your product while you gather insights from them.

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User Generated Content

Gather authentic photos and videos from your biggest fans, or add extra visibility to your campaign by leveraging the social networks of your nano-influencers.

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Reviews & Recommendations

Turn the opinions of your influencers into hard facts by encouraging ratings and reviews. Get recommended on your own or your retailer's website.

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What our clients say

“A flexible and also a very direct approach.”

- Bosch

All great brands are based on authenticity. Coke – a 100 year old brand and the first to claim anything – claims to be the real thing. Other greats urge us to ‘think different’ and  ‘just do it’. But it is not about what your brand promises, but how it behaves.


The brand is not what it says about itself, but what others say about it to other people. That kind of communication, from one person to another, is true authenticity. It cuts through the clutter and is far more likely to be believed and passed on.

We create authentic interaction.

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