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Positive change requires Changing behavior
let the Journey begin

Customer Behavior

Analysing and changing the behavior of customers, consumers, patients, civilians and more.  We 1st want to understand and see what it takes to change the behavior for the good. And then we start experimenting based on these insights and the goals set.


Introduce your product working with customers. With the help of a mobile experience they try, share and talk about your product while you gather insights from them.

Innovate & validate

We only innovate for a better world.  So If you have a stunning new product, service or concept and you want to bring it to the market lets validate.  And depending on the phase it is in  launch it to the core target group

Show me an example

It requires more than just introducing a new product or service; it involves understanding and influencing human behavior. Imagine you have an innovative idea that you believe can make a difference in the world. To bring this idea to fruition and truly make an impact, it's crucial to recognize that people's behaviors play a central role.

Consider this: every action, whether it's purchasing a product or adopting a new habit, is driven by existing behaviors. These behaviors are deeply ingrained and influenced by a variety of factors such as habits, social norms, and environmental cues. Simply presenting a new solution isn't always enough to prompt individuals to change their behavior.

That's where behavioral analysis and intervention come in. By studying current behaviors, identifying barriers to change, and leveraging psychological principles, we can design programs and strategies that effectively encourage and support behavioral change.

For instance, let's say you're launching a sustainable product aimed at reducing plastic waste. To maximize its adoption and impact, you need to understand why people currently choose plastic alternatives and what motivates their choices. By crafting a program that addresses these motivations, provides incentives, and makes sustainable options more convenient, you can help shift behavior towards more eco-friendly choices.

In essence, by integrating behavioral insights into product development and marketing strategies, we can create solutions that resonate with people's existing behaviors and facilitate meaningful change.

It's not just about what we offer; it's about understanding how people think and act, and guiding them towards a better future.

How we create positive change


What our clients say

“A flexible and also a very direct approach.”
- Bosch

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