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Customer Experience Cases

heinz mayonaise square thumbnail

Heinz Mayonnaise

How do we get people to try out mayonnaise made by a ketchup brand?


Whiskas Casserole

How can we get 1800 cat lovers to try new cat food, while also generating online content?



How do we get as many moms as possible to join the No Junk promise?

Organix square thumbnail

Organix Knijpzakjes

How do we gather insight about product packaging while creating a buzz about it?

KC GO square thumbnail.jpg

Karvan Cévitam GO

How do we get people to try out and experience the convenience of a new product?

Nutrilon square thumbnail


How do we get the word out among young moms about the best alternative to baby nutrition?


Karvan Cévitam 0%

How do we motivate people to taste and share a new formula of lemonade?

CJ - TeamNL square thumbnail


How do we connect with our 80.000 followers?

Lassie square thumbnail

Lassie Rijstbodems

How do we bring a product like Lassie's pie crust mix to customers' attention?

CJ - TomTom square thumbnail

TomTom Rider

How do we improve the online rating of our product?

CJ - Ziggo horizon square thumbnail

Ziggo Horizon TV

How do we make people feel at ease with our product?

iRobot square thumbnail

iRobot Roomba

How can we get user generated content centered around our product?

Employee Experience Cases

Philips square thumbnail

Philips VPC Learning

How do we teach employees how to use our online innovation tool in an engaging way?

Rainmen square thumbnail


After re-positioning our brand, how do we engage new clients and partners?

( In progress )

star-shl square thumbnail


How do we convey our new company culture to 1700 employees after a merger?

Rozet square thumbnail


How do we teach our staff to think in a more market-oriented and com-

mercially viable way?

Philips Onboarding square thumbnail

Philips Onboarding

How do we onboard marketers at Philips in a way that's not only clear, but also interactive?

( In progress )

CJ - RedLogic EX_edited.jpg


How do we find our new VMWare specialist?

Hilverzorg square thumbnail


How do we create a recruitment strategy for young nurses in a highly competitive job market?

( In progress )

Value Proposition Creation Cases

CJ - Bosch Innenkamera_edited.jpg

Bosch Innenkamera

How do we find out what people think about several product types?

CJ - Artsen Zonder Grenzen_edited.jpg

Doctors Without Borders

How do we find the proposition that is most attractive for prospective donors?

Beerwulf VPC


How do we add experience to a service, in a way beer lovers enjoy?

Ziggo Zakelijk square thumbnail

Ziggo Zakelijk

How do we validate and expand our value proposition while involving both customers and prospects?

Liberty Global square thumbnail

Liberty Global

( In progress )

( In progress )

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