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All homes will be Smart Homes in the near future. Living with connected devices that make life easier and safer will soon be as widespread as having a smartphone. Bosch is already marketing these devices. A Bosch Smart Home Squad journey to recruit, engage and learn from early adopters is still guiding further development of the Bosch indoor camera. ​


For deeper understanding, an extra customer journey was developed for the 360º feature of the device. Look behind you!

Bosch 360 Innenkamera

Bosch hand app.png
Bosch Innenkamera
AzG preview app insights.png

Everybody knows the independent, medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). For their Dutch subsidiary, we tested several new propositions. We can’t say much about the outcome, but one thing we can say: meaningful experience is what people are looking for.

Doctors Without Borders


Beerwulf is an online craft and specialty beer store with the ambition to serve the whole Europe. Finding the best ways to convince and convert customers in different countries is an ongoing challenge. Together with hundreds of potential German customers we created an offer they couldn’t refuse. Experimenting with beer can lead to surprising results.


Ziggo Zakelijk Flow

Ziggo Zakelijk Flow

Internet from Ziggo is like being in Flow. That was a campaign theme for four months in 2018. But what does being in flow actually mean? For potential new customers with that question we developed a customer journey to convince them that whatever it is, Ziggo had a fitting solution. A conversion rate of 3% was realised on LinkedIn.

ZZ flow preview app.png
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