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Philips promises innovation to their customers worldwide. Their ability to keep innovating sets them apart from competition. To make sure the competence to innovate is conserved and improved, we set up an interactive learning experience. Together with an integrated program page connected to their Learning Management System, all marketing and leadership employees could get introduced to the VPC platform at Philips.


Philips innovators have been using our mobile learnings for close to 3 years now.

Philips VPC Learning

Philips VPC

Star-shl and its 1700 employees work to deliver excellent results when it comes to diagnostic and laboratory research. After a merger, creating a shared culture is important. By involving all employees in identifying core values and what they mean to them, they could help develop that culture from the inside out. We set out engaging employee journeys through multiple internal communications channels to make sure everyone had their say.


star-shl handje.png


Rozet is a cultural institution which aims to inspire all citizens of Arnhem. They want to become more customer centric in their way of working. We developed a journey for their employees, teaching them our storytelling tools and helping them to stay customer focussed.


We are currently busy expanding this project to add enthusiastic volunteers to the mix.



As a service provider specializing in IT infrastructure projects, RedLogic is always looking for talent. To separate the wheat from the chaff before RedLogic invests too much time in candidates, we developed an interactive application journey that got applicants in touch with the character of the company straight away.

RedLogic preview app.png
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