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5 Reasons to Embrace Working Without an Office

At C.Journey, we're currently preparing what we like to call "the move to everywhere" - we won't be extending the lease on our office, and we will be working remotely starting in July. Needless to say, we've been doing a lot of prep work. But more and more we're realizing the benefits and getting excited over the move. Here are 5 examples of why thinking about remote workspaces is worth it.

1. Google will lend you a hand.

Everybody's favorite search giant is smarting up to the change, as it allows businesses without a location to still be listed high in search results. Having no pin on Google Maps is no longer a deal-breaker.

2. Remote work can empower women and parents.

Officeless working means you can balance your work and your personal life more healthily. You could take a break when you want to. The early birds and the night owls could both work when it suits them, without compromising on productivity. Ask yourself how many parents there are at your office, trying to juggle work and family. Someone picking up their son or daughter won't feel like they're 'cheating' work hours. Remote workspaces even help to close the gender gap this way!

3. No more lost hours, no more low-value tasks.

Not only can officeless working empower parents, it can benefit employees in certain roles. One example is the office manager. Imagine if they no longer have to make the lunch menu, or make sure the dishes get done, or order print cartridges. What if they could participate more fully, without the office becoming any less streamlined? On top of that, remote work allows people make use of hours otherwise stuck in traffic, public transit, or trying to get the coffee machine to work.

4. The new kid on the block is doing it.

Whether you've heard of Gitlab or not, they're without a doubt the most impressive example of successful office-less working. Founded in 2011, they were already valued at $1.1 billion by September 2018 - and they have no office. Every single one of their 600 employees works online, from no single central location.

5. The technology is already here!

Many of the articles above cite a variety of tools that make life as simple as possible for an officeless employee. At C.Journey, we use Slack as our communications channel, which is the most popular, and we use Trello as our 'to do'-board for projects. These tools have been carefully crafted to be intuitive, lightweight, and above all, easy to use. There's no reason not to get into them even if you DO have an office. And they especially make the dream work when working remotely.


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