Improve and advocate your Customer Experience with a combination of the following elements:

To introduce and boost what you offer – new or improved – you need to create customer experiences. By thoughtfully including trial and word of mouth in the C.Journey we spark contagious customer experiences.
Do you need to increase your Net Promoter Score? With a well designed C.Journey you can nudge people towards whatever is necessary for you.
In our Voice Of the Customer Program we activate hundreds of people to try your offer, and share their experiences. A great way to collect customer insights in an agile way.
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We activate thousands of your customers to interact with others, peer to peer on social media, to write reviews and recommendations and to create authentic content for a broader audience.
Our Advocacy Program keeps your most loyal customers engaged. At the same time we attract and activate new advocates. This accelerates the loyalty loop. As if you are giving your CDJ a swivel.
The same as VOC, but then directed at employees. Our Voice Of the Employee is used for employee engagement as well as learning and deployment of new ways of working.
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