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Robbert is the boss. He's always looking to improve Customer Experiences and re-invent the field of marketing. It's all about the next big thing. Want to innovate? Call him. Today.

Founder and CEO

Robbert Cornelissen

In Ed's world, every idea is workable. And he's the master of coming up with new ideas. As an award-winning creative who has worked for major brands, he's ready to surprise you. Are you ready, too?

Creative Director

Edward Hissink

Syb has years of experience in HR, recruitment and employer branding. She is on a mission to bring the heartbeat back into business and make every employee experience count. From recruitment to onboarding, development and offboarding. 

Director Employee Experiences

Sybrich Willemsma

Milou has immaculate attention for detail, and ensures effortless experiences time and time again. As our community manager she’s at the forefront of the C.Journey battlefield.

Community Manager

Milou van der Erf

Matthijs is a walking slogan-machine who puts all the team's ideas into beautiful prose. For everything from writing puns that engage an audience to thinking up eye-catching headlines, he's your man.


Matthijs Smit

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